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New Oleo-Mac saws from Parklands Power Products

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Due to price, the hobby farmer usually looks to the less expensive 100-hour engine chainsaws which struggle to do the required job. Now available for the hobby farmer, Parklands Power Products has two new professional chainsaws—with 1000-hour engines—by Oleo-Mac: 937 and 941CX.

With the entry model 937, pro-cutting has become more affordable. The fuel tank is separate from the engine in both the 937 and 941CX. This feature allows the chainsaws to run all day, at all temperatures, true pro-cutting. Both offer the user good versatility, cutting precision, and ease of use.

Both units have ergonomically-designed handgrips, five-point anti-vibe system and good weight distribution, for greater user comfort and to reduce strain in periods of long operation.

A new larger air filter has been designed to help protect the engine, while extending periods between filter servicing. For dusty conditions, an optional finer filter, 41 microns compared to previous 60 microns, can be fitted.

For tougher jobs, the 941CX packs a powerful 39 cc 2.5 hp engine and has a host of features. The Microlite 16” bar makes easy work of lopping, pruning jobs and cutting small to medium diameter tree trunks.

An easy on starting system avoids kickback during ignition, while reducing user effort. The primer draws the fuel mixture actively into the carburetor, for easier starting when cold, after refuelling or following long idle periods.

The 941CX also features a pro-style adjustable automatic aluminium oil pump, which provides variation of the oil feed, depending on use and bar/chain combination. The pump stops oil flow when engine is on idle.

With two piston rings and nickel-plated cylinder, the user gets better compression for longer periods and longer service life. The 941CX has the chain tensioner on the side, while the 937 has this on the front.

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