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article image Machines mow, de-thatch, scarify, roll, collect and mulch.

PARKLANDS Power Products has released Amazone Groundkeeper machines. They can mow, de-thatch, scarify, roll, collect and mulch, separately or together. Any compact tractor with a PTO shaft and an 18 horse power motor can use the units, which have a 1200mm cutting width. It uses quick-change flail knives, available for cutting and scarifying, or as a combination of cutting and scarifying blades.

The Groundkeepers have been redesigned. They have a new frame and hopper that are stronger and lighter than earlier models. Access to the rotor, from the front and back, has been improved. Larger pulleys and belts have increased power by 50%. A stronger tensioner bracket and steel tensioner roller make transmission delivery more efficient and more robust.

Support beams are now much larger and the upper link has been connected to the lower link to withstand high-lift emptying of wet grass. Lifting has also been strengthened, with a reinforced upper hydraulic ram fixing point and hopper top.

Instead of sliding the mulching flap pivots at the rear. This protects the rotor from cut grass and makes opening of the mulching flap easy. Reinforced side bumper bars offer greater protection from accidental impact. This makes it suitable for rougher scrubland and work along fences and walls. The suspension now has larger castor wheels and improved flexibility in the spring suspension.

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