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Grasshopper ZeroTurn mowers and attachments improve return on investment

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article image New attachments for Grasshopper ZeroTurn mowers.

INVESTMENT in a ZeroTurn mower makes even more economical sense when, as well as mowing, bedshaping, etc., the unit's potential properties extend to further turf and yardwork.

New attachments for Grasshopper, released by Parklands Power Products , give prospective buyers more reasons to consider the Grasshopper's many diverse attributes.

Expected to be the most popular attachment is the AERA-vator soil conditioner. This unique attachment allows the operator to aerate, and loosen, compacted soil -- without the time and expense of irrigation, a luxury in time of drought.

PTO-driven, forged steel tines on the attachment penetrate the soil and fracture the compaction, both sideways and downwards, by vibrating rapidly in an oscillating motion. The openings created by this movement enhance root growth.

Since compaction takes place at different depths, Grasshopper's variable depth control (through ground speed) ensures aeration takes place at all levels of the turf's root zone.

The AERA-vator leaves very minimal surface disruption. There are no cores to clean up, and the turf is available for use immediately after treatment.

Soil compaction through foot traffic, sports activity and the like make the need for aeration a more critical requirement. Recent local demonstrations on extremely dry soil has shown the AERAvator easily penetrates even the very hard surfaces.

Use of the AERA-vator also has added benefits: better water infiltration, improved seed germination, thatch decomposition and reduced need for chemical applications - because of better absorption due to the aeration.

Other attachments include the Bed-Shaper, which produces clean edges, faster and more efficiently than those done by hand, and the dozer blade.

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