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Countax garden tractor range from the UK

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article image The Countax garden tractor -- cleans and stimulates.
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THE Countax range of garden tractors from the UK has been added to the Parklands Power Products’ stable.

Parklands managing director Neville Zacka says "the addition of these units places us in a position to cover the requirements of the lawn and turf mower market completely.

“We now have walk-behinds, ride-ons to the size of Contax mowers, zero-radius ride-ons and groundkeeper attachments for use with tractors."

Compared to more conventional ride-ons, Countax units are unique because of their power take-offs (PTOs). These can be used with attachments like a scarifier, chipper shredder and so on.

More importantly, Zacka says, Countax ride-ons are the only mowers that will efficiently cut and collect wet grass.

Countax's powered grass collector is one of the most efficient in the market. Powered by the tractor's engine, whilst rotating against the forward motion of the mower, brushes in the PGC collect the grass clippings, even during wet weather.

These brushes lift loose debris, leaves, etc., cleaning and stimulating the turf.

The interactive blade system (IBS), with counter-rotating cutter blades, discharges grass neatly on to the ground behind the deck for collection.

According to Zacka, the Countax mulching system produces more efficient and much shorter collection-free cutting. Using the same triple blade formation as the IBS deck, the mulching deck is designed to set up an air and grass cutting flow between all three blades.

Working in combination, the three cutter blades lift the cut grass into suspension and cut it time and time again before injecting it back into the turf as minute particles.

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