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Chainsaw with great power-to-weight ratio

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article image The lightest and most powerful saw in its class.

JAPANESE two-stroke power equipment manufacturer, Tanaka, has built a reputation of innovation with small engines since the 1920s.

Continuing that tradition, the company has released the TCS-2801S top-handled chainsaw, which is now available in Australia through Parklands Power Products .

The TCS-2801S sports a 28cc engine that produces 1.3hp(1.0kW) of power-enough for the toughest pruning job.

The saw only weighs 2.9kg, providing an extremely good power-to-weight ratio.

Extremely well balanced, the unit has a good centre of gravity. This is the first thing that a user will notice when handling the TCS-2801S.

The unit keeps its balance and will not swing around when pulled up on a rope – this can occur when tree pruning.

A finger holder provides the user greater stability and added comfort.

The chainsaw features a piston ported engine for more even running on idling in all positions and to prevent stalling.

The carburettor is located at the back, in the cleaner part of the saw, to reduce maintenance.

The filter is also located in the back to protect it from saw dust.

A side access chain tensioner allows the easy adjustment of the saw chain from the side case.

Chain oil supply adjustment is located on top of the unit. The H/L screw and idle speed adjustment screw are also located on the top for convenience.

The TCS-2801S comes with Tanaka's unique S-Start, for quick and easy starting. S-Start reduces the required pull force by 60% - very handy when up in a tree.

The chainsaw can handle a bar length of up to 12", but comes with a 10" as standard. An optional carving bar is also available for sculpting and orchard maintenance.

The TCS-2801 comes with Tanaka's five year limited homeowner warranty (12 months for commercial users).

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