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domnick hunter’s on-site nitrogen gas generation used by Ozmotech

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An Australian world leader in recycling waste plastic to produce clean-burning diesel fuel has adopted domnick hunter’s on-site nitrogen gas generation to maximise the efficiency and reliability of its production plant.

Ozmotech, a Melbourne based environmental technology company, recently despatched the domnick hunter MAXIGAS nitrogen generating plant to British renewable energy company Cynar PLC as part of an international rollout of Ozmotech’s ThermoFuel process.

The MAXIGAS installation, which produces 99.9 per cent pure nitrogen from factory compressed air, was supplied as a complete turnkey package complying with European standards requirements and including CompAir compressor, air receiver and domnick hunter skid-mounted MAXIGAS plant.

It will be used at Cynar’s Irish production plant, which is the first of seven planned by Cynar in the UK as part of a $35 million contract. They will be followed by other plants throughout the EU, including another six in Germany by the European company Envosmart.

Ozmotech’s unique ThermoFuel system converts plastics from a variety of sources, including recycled domestic waste, into diesel fuel that can be used in any standard truck, bus, boat, or stationary diesel engine. Cynar expects to divert more than 6,800 tonnes of plastics away from landfill each year, with each of its plants producing six million litres of quality fuel.

According to Ozmotech, it uses nitrogen in its facilities as a purge before and after every production cycle to ensure the quality of diesel to ensure that no oxygen or hydrocarbons exist in the system during the char removal process.

The nitrogen from the generator is also used to verify the integrity of mechanical seals to ensure safety is not compromised.

The MAXIGAS generator has produced good results in rigorous production testing, operating at a capacity of 9.70 Nm3 per hour, with a purity level of 99.9% and a delivery pressure of 700kpag.

On-site nitrogen gas generation is much more economical than having gas cylinders on standby if you have a high consumption rate. The domnick hunter on site gas generation system was chosen by Ozmotech because its plant’s consumption rate is quite high, and thus it was much cheaper to utilise. Ozmotech also prefers having a nitrogen supply always available on site. The domnick hunter MAXIGAS system is highly suitable for Ozmotech’s plant.

According to domnick hunter, MAXIGAS nitrogen generators have several benefits, including cost savings, convenience, increased safety and OH & S benefits, including eliminating the need to store and constantly handle heavy cylinders.

More companies than ever are recognising the benefits of this system after reconsidering their gas supply arrangements and exploring the benefits that on-site gas generation brings - including reduced costs, increased quality, faster process times, all without the responsibility of managing cylinder replacements, delivery, storage and up-keep. This new approach helps them achieve the competitive edge they are seeking, while staying focused on core manufacturing activities.

Diverse applications for on site MAXIGAS nitrogen generators range from Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of foods to preserve their freshness, through to wine and beverage sparging, tyre inflation, lasers, void formation in plastics production, metals treatment, wire production and wave soldering to name a few.

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