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domnick hunter introduces MAXIGAS nitrogen generators

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A new generation of high efficiency nitrogen gas generators being introduced to Australia by domnick hunter will have particular benefits for high volume users of nitrogen in operations involving lasers, furnaces, metal cutting and heat treatment operations.

The new MAXIGAS on-site nitrogen gas generators produce high quality nitrogen gas from compressed air at efficiencies that lower the cost per cubic metre by up to 90 per cent in different applications.

The new generators, which succeed proven MAXIGAS technologies that have achieved total payback of their capital cost in a year or less, also offer huge energy savings. The new system is perfect for laser cutting, electronics and metal heat treatment applications, where large amounts of nitrogen gas are required.

domnick hunter generators use highly reliable Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to separate nitrogen molecules from normal compressed air for applications including annealing, electronics and electrical manufacturing furnace blanketing, pipeline testing and welding.

The technology is already widely used in metals industries, with one recent cost-saving application involved L.H. Martinusen, a leading producer of copper wire used in the repair of the winding of electric industrial motors, alternators and transformers. The South Africa company switched to generating nitrogen used in the annealing process, after having previously relied on a hydrogen/nitrogen mix from high pressure gas cylinders to exclude oxygen and to ensure the copper wire had optimum conductivity and flexibility. According to L.H. Martinusen, the company would recover the capital cost of the unit within 14 months, and thereafter have an asset producing a reliable, low cost supply of nitrogen for many years to come.

According to domnick hunter, the reliability of gas supply was the key consideration during development of the new MAXIGAS technology, which drew on extensive customer consultation coupled with domnick hunter’s experience in on-site gas generation since 1994.

Comprehensive endurance testing of components and pressure testing has been undertaken. domnick hunter’s is confident that MAXIGAS is the world’s efficient nitrogen generator.

The new and improved nitrogen gas generators now being introduced to Australia give levels of performance, reliability and efficiency unobtainable until now, producing quality nitrogen gas with purities up to 10ppm as standard. The MAXIGAS system can be set to supply nitrogen at purities from 95 to 99.999 per cent. New features include equalisation technology and a user-friendly interface.

Equalisation gives substantial improvements in air-to-nitrogen ratios; on average this is reduced by 20 per cent, which gives huge energy savings. Additionally outlet pressures of 16 bar can now be achieved without the need of a costly pressure booster, and an intuitive control panel can be password protected for increased QA benefit.

domnick hunter is already a global market leader in on-site gas generation with its technology used throughout Australia and New Zealand, where its generators offer an uninterrupted, reliable and safe source of gas 24 hours a day for testing and production applications. Australian applications include Stainless Tube Mills and the Rautomead furnace of NVP Tooling, a company which switched to on-site gas generation because it is more convenient and ultimately pays for itself while eliminating the need for the storage, multiple manhandling and continual changing of bulky gas cylinders.

According to domnick hunter, the on-site nitrogen gas generation has witnessed steady growth in popularity owing to long-term cost savings and increased end user control over supply, compared to other gas sources such as cylinders and bulk liquid.

The new improvements are based on direct customer feedback and a general trend in the marketplace towards larger nitrogen generators. MAXIGAS generators are a proven technology, having been used in more than 10,000 installations worldwide.

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