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Shahi Enterprises install domnick hunter Maxigas nitrogen gas generator

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On-site nitrogen generation technology is used by food and beverage manufacturers and packagers to cut gas costs, avoid production interruptions, enhance safety and achieve rapid payback times. The Maxigas system from domnick hunter produces continuous supplies of nitrogen from compressed air to avoid production interruptions as cylinders are changed, with associated production quality, cylinder handling and potential OHS issues.

Snack food manufacturer, Shahi Enterprises, employed the on-site nitrogen generation technology and installed a domnick hunter Maxigas nitrogen gas generator to produce their own nitrogen for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). The same technology is used in Australasia for the same purpose, extending the freshness and shelf life of products processed this way.

Shahi Enterprises previously relied on a supply of nitrogen which had purity levels that varied between cylinders, presenting potential product quality issues. Maxigas nitrogen gas generator features continuous purity monitoring, economy mode for energy savings, compact design and a modular approach for multi-bank flexibility. Shahi Enterprises installed a Maxigas108 unit and a compressed air pre-treatment system including a desiccant dryer and filter. The equipment delivers 28 m3/hr of nitrogen with 0.5% oxygen content.

Maxigas nitrogen gas generators use carbon molecular sieve pressure swing (PSA) for optimum purity supply of nitrogen. This technology can be set to supply nitrogen from 95% to 10 parts per million (99.999%) and incorporates a self-regeneration feature to minimise maintenance.

domnick hunter Maxigas nitrogen gas generators produce a continuous supply of nitrogen gas from compressed air. This resource eliminates a large part of the cost of gas supplies. According to manufacturers, producing their own supply of nitrogen on site eliminates the need for continuous cylinder deliveries by road transport.

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