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Scottish Power utilise Parker domnick hunter Filtration MAXIGAS106 and 110 nitrogen gas generators

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Where nitrogen is used in resources and energy industry applications, on-site gas generation offers advantages. Parker domnick hunter Filtration offer MAXIGAS series of on-site generators that produce nitrogen from industrial compressed air. These on-site generators are suitable for processes requiring consistent supplies of the inert gas, which can be used for applications such as pipe purging, tank blanketing, solvent blanketing, fuel storage and tyre inflation or fire fighting in some countries.

On-site gas generation avoids process interruptions as cylinders are changed with associated quality, cylinder handling and potential OHS issues. Scottish Power recently expanded their nitrogen capacity with an additional MAXIGAS nitrogen gas generator from Parker domnick hunter Filtration.

Scottish Power depend on a constant source of nitrogen on-site for a variety of applications to ensure safety and quality and have successfully operated a MAXIGAS106 generator in a purpose built enclosure in their site at Lindholme near Doncaster, UK.

The MAXIGAS110 model was also installed. It has a production rate of 34 m3/hr, purity rate of 2%, a 500 litre buffer vessel and 2000 litre nitrogen storage vessels. The MAXIGAS110 now operates as the lead generator and the MAXIGAS106 functions as the backup.

According to Scottish Power, an additional benefit of the upgrade means that they now have extra capacity and can use the MAXIGAS generators to supply 'purge' gas to the site’s gas pipelines and vessels when preparing to break containment, e.g., when changing filters or inspecting vessels.

Scottish Power observe that servicing has minimal impact as they have the ability to operate one generator while the other is being serviced. This reduces their reliance on bottle supplies and also offers added safety benefits, as personnel can now work with the equipment without exposure to high pressure gas cylinders, regulators and hoses.

The MAXIGAS nitrogen generation system/nitrogen gas generator from Parker domnick hunter uses carbon molecular sieve pressure swing (PSA) for optimum purity of supply of nitrogen. This technology can be set to supply nitrogen from 97% to 10 parts per million (99.999%) and incorporates a self-regeneration feature to minimise maintenance.

Parker domnick hunter Filtration MAXIGAS nitrogen generator packages produce a continuous supply of nitrogen gas from compressed air. After the equipment payback period, this resource eliminates a large part of the cost of gas supplies. The MAXIGAS nitrogen generator enables manufacturers to produce their own supply of nitrogen on site and eliminate the need for continuous cylinder deliveries by road transport.

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