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THE domnick hunter TF range of railway and transportation filters provides filtered air to ISO8573.1 air quality class 1.-.2 and will assist in achieving class 1.2.1 where a domnick hunter TD railway dryer is installed within the system.

A filter package combining high efficiency water separation (99% efficient) with high efficiency coalescing technology (particle retention down to 0.01 micron) ensures the compressed air system will operate efficiently with reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

The patented design technology, enables the product to be installed both inside and out, utilising the smallest space envelope available for installation, while having the ability to withstand vibration and shock resistance in the most arduous and extremes of operating conditions.

Depending upon the compressor fitted either a single stage or two stage coalescing pre-filtration set will be fitted.

The filter housing carries a lifetime guarantee based on the design life of the product.

The awareness of compressed air in rail vehicle rolling stock, and the systems dependent on it, is growing, and so is the need for better quality compressed air in terms of the elimination of contamination and the improved lifetime of all applications which rely upon it.

The introduction of new and sensitive pneumatic control systems, linked with economic and environmental considerations, is making the effective treatment of compressed air a necessity.

Many of today's railway systems are fitted with protection in the form of a desiccant air dryer to remove the moisture present in the compressed air.

When fitted with the correct filtration, the user benefits from longevity of operation and lower maintenance costs.

However, this is not always the case, as many systems are not fitted with any form of contamination removal at all, and in many cases, those which are, have a very basic level of protection to support the system applications.

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