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Quality enhanced with on-site gas

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article image Joachim Riederich with the on-site gas installation.

AN Australian supplier of advanced technology moulded polyurethane components has further enhanced its production quality and efficiency by switching to on-site generation of nitrogen processing gas.

UP Tooling of Melbourne uses the latest reinforced reaction injection moulding (R-RIM) technology coupled with a domnick hunter N2 Max Nitrogen gas generator.

"UP Tooling originally changed from dry air to nitrogen as a processing gas to improve system stability and reactivity,” managing director Joachim Riederich said.

"We make large moulded components, of varying wall surfaces, from a material that reacts very quickly once it is mixed. To obtain better surfaces and internal structures for our mouldings, we found nitrogen was considerably better."

Initially six packs of bottled gas were used to supply N2 to the system. However, UP Tooling found it was using up six packs too quickly and was uncertain about consistency of quality and pressure of supply.

UP Tooling's solution was an N2 Max on-site gas generator from domnick hunter that produces high quality nitrogen from compressed air.

Using a carbon molecular sieve to separate oxygen from compressed air to produce clean, dry high purity nitrogen, the N2 Max generators provide an uninterrupted, reliable and safe source of gas 24 hours a day.

Set for gas purities of between 97% to 99.999%, they provide gas on tap for applications as diverse as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of food, sparging of beverages, laser cutting and surface treatment of metals and processing of components for the automotive, chemical, electronics and plastics industries.

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