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Pure air - a million times cleaner

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article image Protection in hazardous areas.

BREATHING air purifiers offering air one million times cleaner than people typically breathe in city environments are being introduced to Australia by domnick hunter .

The company's BA breathing air purifiers for the treatment of contaminated compressed air, to be exhibited at National Manufacturing Week in Sydney from June 1-4, include a comprehensive range of models for use where even the slightest trace of particulates, water droplets, oil aerosol and oil odour are unacceptable.

BA filters, which purify compressed air to achieve oil vapour content of less than 0.003mg/m3, are designed to protect people's health in hazardous (but not life-threatening) environments, and to ensure air purity to breathing air quality standards as defined in AS/NZS 1715:1994.

Applications include the supply of breathable compressed air for operators wearing air-fed respiratory protective devices in confined spaces and hazardous working environments.

Used in situations where face-masks must be fed under air-pressure to exclude contaminants such as fumes, aerosols and dust, BA filters are available in portable and wall-mountable models for single or multiple-users, as well as belt-mounted personal packs compatible with most types of respirator hoods or face masks.

Where the compressed air supply is particularly contaminated, purifiers can be supplied with additional pre-filtration and water separation.

The BA range is designed for durability and easy maintenance, with features such as:

* Alocrom aluminium treatment giving corrosion protection inside and out, complemented by baked-on epoxy paint finish.

* Die-cast filter housings, guaranteed for 10 years under normal recommended use.

* Replaceable domnick hunter filter elements offering highest efficiency and guaranteed performance.

* Sight glass to give visual check of liquid collection and drain function.

* Automatic drain valve to remove condensate.

Domnick hunter also offers specialist purifiers for life-threatening environments, especially those where carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide may be present in the compressed air stream.

For such situations, domnick hunter is introducing a range of self-contained medium pressure breathing air purifiers strictly designed and individually tested for use in the most hazardous environments.

These breathing air purifiers utilise five separate stages of air treatment, each with its own particular function, to provide breathable air at a higher quality level than specified by legislation or international standards, including total protection against carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and carbon dioxide (CO2) asphyxiation.

A complementary range of high-pressure filters for life-threatening environments offers a breathing air purification system designed specifically for high-pressure applications up to 350 bar.

Easily installed and maintained, these purifiers utilise two separate stages of air treatment, giving total self-contained protection to meet the air quality requirements of AS 2299-1992.

Domnick hunter also produces purifiers which exceed the most rigorous standards required for hospital, medical and industrial applications, including the European pharmacopoeia and all international breathing air standards.

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