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On-site gas generation adopted for precision tests

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article image Brett Hunter with domnick hunter gas generation equipment.

A LEADING producer of gas chromatographs for monitoring industrial, environmental and scientific processes has switched to on-site generation of nitrogen and pure air to enhance the cost-efficiency, convenience and safety of its quality assurance operations.

Shimadzu Australia has installed domnick hunter on-site gas generators to provide continuous streams of high purity nitrogen and pure air for use in precision testing of its chromatographs.

The on-site Nitrox generators - which produce ultra high purity gases from ordinary compressed air - replaced deliveries of gas in cylinders, which, in addition to the multiple handling required, also needed to be replaced at regular intervals.

"It was costing a significant amount to rent the quantity of cylinders we required and it was also taking a lot of time to change them during production,” Shimadzu QA systems officer and production leader Brett Hunter said.

For nitrogen generation, Shimadzu introduced a domnick hunter Nitrox N2 laboratory gas generator, which uses a carbon molecular sieve to separate oxygen from compressed air to produce clean, dry high purity nitrogen.

Like domnick hunter's Maxigas generator, used to produce higher volumes of gases for broader industrial uses, Shimadzu's generator can be set for gas purities of between 97% to 99.999%.

Nitrox Ultra High Purity (UHP) gas generation technology can also be used for the production of nitrogen, hydrogen, zero air and pure air for laboratory applications.

Shimadzu also uses domnick hunter equipment to generate pure air.

Mr Hunter said the low-pressure output required from the gas generators for the Shimadzu testing processes meant gas was delivered close to the instrument's working pressure.

Gas is produced only on demand at very low pressure, which minimises hazards during operation.

In addition to eliminating the need for high-pressure cylinders and pipelines, the generator provides the user with an infinite volume of gas for testing so an operator will not run out in the middle of an analysis.

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