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On-site compressed air quality testing

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article image Air quality testing and leak detection services.

DOMNICK hunter is introducing on-site compressed air quality testing and leak detection services. It is implementing the initiative to complement new technologies introduced at National Manufacturing Week from May 10-13 on stand 5208.

The technology is suitable for industrial users of compressed air including automotive, building and construction, chemical, electrical, electronic and energy utility applications. It can also be used in engineering, food and beverage processing, industrial maintenance, laboratory and scientific, manufacturing, metal working, mining and mineral processing, petroleum, primary product processing, printing and packaging.

The service is designed to detect and remedy the often-hidden inefficiencies that can gradually grow within compressed air systems and end up costing large amounts in wasted energy and repairs to equipment damaged by polluted air.

Industrial users of compressed air will also be eligible to join domnick hunter's service reminder .com programme. Domnick hunter technology includes compressed air treatment and sterilisation, nitrogen generation and the stabilisation and clarification of liquids.

The company will also introduce efficient compressed energy filters at National Manufacturing Week. The Oil-X Evolution filters use aerospace technology to optimise air flow paths through the filter's housing and element to significantly reduce air turbulence and pressure losses. They reduce system operating costs and thereby cost of ownership.

Operational savings achieved by air quality management are complemented by the filters. In a compressed air system using an 185kW compressor, the user can save up to 60% per filter in energy consumption compared to a traditional filter.

The filters guarantee compressed air quality and offer optimum protection of downstream equipment, processes and workplace environments. Their design is focused on efficiency-critical areas such as air flow management, filtration media selection and construction and efficient removal of coalesced liquid. They are designed to meet current and forthcoming requirements for compressed air quality.

Pneudri MX dryers will also be on show at NMW. Designed with an energy saving feature known as

Dew point dependent switching saves energy and the dryers provide security, performance and reliability for compressed air systems while exceeding the air quality requirements of ISO8573.1.

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