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Nitrogen generators offer MAP efficiency

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AN advanced type of nitrogen gas generator from domnick hunter that dispenses with the need for high-pressure cylinders or liquefied gas supply is now becoming widely used for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of nuts and other snack foods.

Already two macadamia nut processors in northern NSW have purchased this MAXIGAS technology in place of rental gas supplies, and in Victoria, rice chips and noodle producers have benefited from fast pay-back

MAXIGAS on-site nitrogen gas generators produce high quality nitrogen gas from compressed air for applications such as MAP processes to extend the fresh taste, crispness and shelf life of perishable products.

They offer an uninterrupted, reliable and safe source of gas 24 hours a day for production applications also including beverage dispensing, pressure transfer of raw materials, inerting of edible oil containers, and blanketing of wine storage tanks.

"While eliminating the need for the storage, multiple manhandling and continual changing of bulky gas cylinders, the generators respond efficiently to the needs of the increasing number of manufacturers using gas flushing with nitrogen for modifying the atmosphere in the packaging of their products," said domnick hunter business development manager John Davis.

"Maintaining product taste, crispness and extended shelf life increases profitability for manufacturers of products as diverse as nuts, potato chips, extruded snacks, pastas, coffee, spices and dairy items."

The MAXIGAS system - which can be set to supply nitrogen at purities of 95% to 99.999% - is part of a range of continuous gas generation equipment manufactured by domnick hunter.

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