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Metalfacture installs MAXIGAS on-site gas generator

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article image Trumpf L2530 laser cutting machine

The efficiency of nitrogen gas generators being introduced to Australasia by Domnick Hunter has been demonstrated by a precision sheet metal work company specialising in the production of precision components for a wide range of industries.

Metalfacture in Leicester UK has installed a MAXIGAS on-site gas generator of a type now being introduced to Australasia to feed assist gas to its new Trumpf L2530 laser cutting machine installed as part of a package of the new CNC laser cutting, folding and punching machinery to manufacture items to high standards.

MAXIGAS on-site nitrogen gas generators produce high quality nitrogen gas from compressed air at efficiencies that lower the cost per cubic metre by up to 90% in different applications, says Domnick Hunter Australia Business Development Manager John Davis.

They have particular benefits for high volume users of nitrogen in operations involving lasers, furnaces, metal cutting and heat treatment operations.

“Metalfacture has invested a great deal of time and money sourcing the latest machinery to enable the company to keep at the forefront of an ever increasing and competitive market. A recent investment by the company involved the installation of a Domnick Hunter MAXIGAS nitrogen gas generator system to supply high pressure 99.9 per cent pure nitrogen assist gas to its Trumpf cutting machine, where nitrogen is used when cutting stainless steel, aluminium, Zintec and mild steel up to 2.5mm thickness.”

“Originally, nitrogen gas was supplied in multiple packs of high pressure gas cylinders. However, as the demand for components increased, the supply of nitrogen gas was becoming increasingly inconvenient.”

“During the busiest periods, a manifolded-cylinder-pack (MCP) had to be changed every day. This required the laser cutting machine to be shut down for at least 30 minutes while the MCP was disconnected and the new MCP put on-line,” said Davis.

With at least three MCP changes per week, this meant changing cylinders could cost Metalfacture almost two weeks’ lost production over the year.

In addition to the inconvenience of production downtime, the large, cumbersome manifolded-cylinder packs were taking up valuable storage space within the factory.

“The installation of the Domnick Hunter MAXIGAS nitrogen generator package has overcome these problems, producing a continuous supply of nitrogen gas from compressed air. As an environmentally responsible manufacturer, Metalfacture also appreciates the fact that producing its own supply of nitrogen on site eliminates the need for continuous cylinder deliveries by road transport.”

“Domnick Hunter is a global market leader in on-site gas generation with its technology used throughout Australia and New Zealand, where its generators offer an uninterrupted, reliable and safe source of gas 24 hours a day for testing and production applications,” says Davis.

Diverse applications for on site MAXIGAS nitrogen generators range from Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of foods to preserve their freshness, through to wine and beverage sparging, tyre inflation, lasers, void formation in plastics production, metals treatment, wire production and wave soldering to name a few.

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