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Closed circuit industrial chillers from domnick hunter hiross

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A wide range of industries are using water chillers to improve productivity in production processes, reduce production costs, and protect valuable equipment. However, many industrial chillers are associated with unwanted problems such as water wastage.

Closed circuit water chillers, where water is alternatively heated and chilled by a cooling system, are one of the ways to prevent wastage of valuable water as well as the problems related to the drainage of impure water.

domnick hunter hiross, an international specialist in compressed air treatment and water cooling, has designed the Hiross Hyperchill and Hyperfree ranges of water chillers for industry use with wastage prevention as a major priority.

According to domnick hunter group, although there are several ways to cool water, water chillers allow to maintain the water temperature needed, no matter what the surrounding ambient conditions are or what the load requests are.

Closed circuit water chillers are becoming increasingly popular for several industrial applications and for dealing with wastage problems. Water chillers provide optimum efficiency for production, and reutilise the same water, thus avoiding water wastage.

Since industry applications are diverse by nature, domnick hunter hiross has designed the chillers to be flexible. The Hyperchill and Hyperfree water chillers can be used for applications such as welding equipment, metal working cutting oils, machine tooling, chemical processing, semiconductors, power generation stations, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction, cooling items such as MRI machines and much more.

The Hyperchill range utilises a refrigeration circuit to cool water, and covers cooling capacities from 2 to 360 kW. Each model is designed for safe and reliable operation, whatever the working conditions. Some of the benefits that the Hyperchill range offers the user include compact dimensions and low weight, as well as high efficiency, flexibility of use, high reliability and cost savings. Also available in Hyperchill Laser and Hyperchill Maxi models, this water chiller is suitable for many different industries and uses.

The Hyperfree range consists of dry coolers, which utilise ambient air to cool the water rather than a refrigeration circuit. Hyperfree can be used in several applications, amongst which are the production of cold water in closed circuit for water cooled refrigeration units, direct cooling of air compressors or machine oil, and Freecooling, a cooling system whereby a Hyperfree Dry Cooler and a Hyperchill chiller are alternatively used depending on the time of year (Hyperfree in cold periods, Hyperchill in warm periods).

According to domnick hunter group, preventing wastage and protecting the environment is a priority. domnick hunter hiross’ concern for the environment is reflected in its entire product range, which is specifically designed for low environmental impact. In keeping with this commitment, significant joint development programmes have been implemented with leading international manufacturers of refrigerant gases and components, and CFC-free materials have been used by domnick hunter hiross for many years.

Furthermore a large majority of Hiross products guarantee substantial energy savings. Wherever possible, components are made using recyclable materials and are painted using non-polluting processes.

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