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Eliminating the dangers faced in hydraulic couplings with stapleless couplers
23.10.2013 - Parker Hannifin announces a new range of stapleless and threadless couplers designed to address the limitations of staple couplers or threaded couplers in Longwall applications.
Parker Hannifin products are Australian Made Certified
14.03.2013 - Parker Hannifin announces that their Australian manufactured products are Australian Made Certified and bear the famous green and gold symbol.
Parker Hannifin announces new gas blending systems aimed at reducing cost in analytical applications
21.11.2011 - Parker gas blending systems have been developed in response to industry demand for a system that could reduce the cost of blending and diluting gas, and are now stocked by Parker Hannifin.
Compax3 Servo I31 EtherCAT fieldbus option from Parker Hannifin
19.09.2011 - The Parker Hannifin Electromechanical Automation Division announces the release of its EtherCAT fieldbus option.
Protect R/S control valves with RSF refrigerant strainers from Parker Hannifin
15.08.2011 - Type RSF refrigerant strainers are industrial type, iron alloy bodied units with stainless steel screens, specifically designed for the protection of R/S control valves from foreign materials present
Miniature diaphragm pumps with ironless core motor now available from Parker Hannifin
05.07.2011 - Parker Hannifin has added a Low Inductance (LI) model to its range of miniature diaphragm pumps, providing high performance in a compact package that is suitable for a range of applications.
Parker Hannifin announces high resolution analogue input and encoder option boards
21.03.2011 - 8903-EP encoder and 8903-AI analogue input option boards are now supplied by Parker Hannifin, offering a cost effective solution for users looking to enhance the flexibility of AC890 series AC drives.
MRX-D Electronic Digital Flushmount Flowmeters from Parker Hannifin
17.11.2010 - The MRX-D electronic Digital Flushmount flowmeters from Parker Hannifin provide assurance of visual flow confirmation, as well as precise digital redaouts of actual flows and gas meters.
Precision Linear Positioners from Parker Hannifin
10.11.2010 - The 400XR precision linear positioners from Parker Hannifin are known for consistent accuracy, reliable performance, high strength and unmatched versatility.
Parker Hannifin offer a range of dryer technologies for moisture control
19.10.2010 - Parker Hannifin offer a range of dryer technologies which are purpose built to efficiently and effectively remove moisture and other vapours from compressed air and gas systems.
Parker Hannifin’s Parkrimp hose crimping machines
18.10.2010 - Parker Hannifin’s Parkrimp hose crimping machines are portable devices which are purpose built to create on the spot leak-free hose assemblies.
Parker Hannifin's flange kits
17.10.2010 - Parker Hannifin offer a range of 1 or 2 piece flange kits which are purpose designed to provide different methods for connecting tubes, hoses, pipes and other fittings to standard ports.
Parker Hannifin’s O rings range
16.10.2010 - Parker Hannifin offer a range of O rings in a variety of materials including rubber for the static or dynamic sealing of a wide variety of industrial equipment.
New Parker Gearhead Offers Optional Output Faces in an Economical Package
16.07.2010 - Parker Hannifin is a manufacturer of motion control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.
Miniature Linear Stages from Parker Hannifin
31.03.2010 - MX80L stages provide high-precision positioning and linear motor dynamics for positioning light loads within a small workspace.
Namoi Cotton Commodities Grain Handling Facility
19.03.2010 - Namoi Cotton Commodities Grain Handling Facility will be automated to manage grain distribution to the appropriate storage silos, with an integrated batching process for blending and mixing various grains.
The FPM fuel polising module is a new fuel maintenance solution, available from Parker Hannifin
17.03.2010 - The FPM-050 fuel polishing module for mobile applications from Parker Hannifin prevents fuel system contamination and is an ideal solution for equipment stored outside during down time.
Composite Dynamic Air Pre-cleaners from Parker Hannifin
02.03.2010 - Racor composite dynamic air pre-cleaners dramatically increase the life of air filters, reduce overall intake system restriction, increase equipment productivity, reduce downtime, and save money.
D3FP Servo Proportional Valve from Parker Hannifin
01.03.2010 - This DFP Proportional valves can be used to directly control the actuator or can be used to operate the OEMs main-stage valve.
Parker Hannifin's new range of air-cooled aftercoolers
26.02.2010 - Parker Hannifin have announced the availability from January 2010 of a new range of air-cooled aftercoolers whose name is Hypercool ADT.
Parker’s Hannifan’s new advanced technology actuator
25.02.2010 - Parker Hannifin Corporation have unveiled their latest Advanced Technology Actuator device which utilizes the VIVA Piezoelectric technology.
Parker Hannifin's three new hydraulic hoses
24.02.2010 - Parker Hannifin recently launched three new hydraulic hoses, developed to minimise maintenance and increase profitability across a wide range of industrial applications.
Parker Hannifin RunWise hydraulic hybrid technology improves fuel efficiency while reducing carbon emissions on Class 8 trucks
16.12.2009 - Parker Hannifin Corporation, a leader in motion and control technologies, has announced commercial commitment for its new hydraulic hybrid technology system
New range of Parker Hannifin air-cooled aftercoolers available from January 2010
11.12.2009 - The new range of air-cooled aftercoolers, Hypercool ADT, will substitute the current product range of Hypercool ANT.
Parker Hannifin Australia introduces the series XFC extreme force electromechanical cylinder
03.12.2009 - The Series XFC from Parker Hannifin provides an electromechanical alternative to traditional hydraulic cylinders.
Sensorless control of permanent-magnet AC motors helps save energy and space in industrial applications
12.11.2009 - Parker Hannifin SSD Drives Europe Division has introduced a range of simple AC drives for permanent-magnet motors up to 7kW.
New extrusion-based production process delivers a boost for Parker's A-LOK compression tube fittings
10.11.2009 - A new production process based on stainless steel extrusions is raising the quality and consistency of industry-standard compression tube fittings - without ratcheting up the costs. The move comes fro
Easy path to leak-free instrumentation systems from Parker Hannifin
09.11.2009 - A comprehensive product range for minimising potential leak paths in process instrumentation was unveiled at Offshore Europe by the instrumentation products division of Parker Hannifin.
Proserv chooses Parker fittings and valves to support its global instrumentation system building
06.11.2009 - Parker is signing a worldwide representation agreement with the oil and gas systems integrator Proserv Group AS. Tube fittings, valves, manifolds and other components from the instrumentation products will be represented by Parker.
Novel half-inch bore instrumentation needle valve from Parker Hannifin boosts reliability in viscous and contaminated media applications
05.11.2009 - The new half-inch (12.7 mm) bore instrumentation needle valve from Parker Hannifin gives plant engineers the means to improve reliability, and cut costs, in process and instrumentation applications in
New Parker Balston NitroFlowLab nitrogen generator from Parker Hannifin
21.10.2009 - The new Parker Balston NitroFlowLab from Parker Hannifin Corporation has just been released.
Clear vinyl tubing from Parker Hannifin
05.09.2009 - Parker Clear Vinyl Tubing conforms to the requirements of AS/ NZS 2070 for food contact.
ClearSpring hose form Parker Hannifin
03.09.2009 - The ClearSpring is a fully Australian made clear and flexible PVC hose that eases inspection and enhances reliability
PR Petrol resistant petroleum pressure hose
02.09.2009 - This hose is suitable for petrol, oil, grease and diesel, and is mainly used as a tanker delivery hose.
The Parker Petrol Resistant/ Food Contact Hose
01.09.2009 - The Parker Petrol Resistant/ Food Contact Hose is the original translucent dual purpose hose. This product has excellent petrol resistance and a non toxic PVC tube that allows its dual application.
Filters, Configurations and Filter Solutions from Parker Hannifin
01.09.2009 - Parker filter engineers collaborate with customers at the earliest stages of design to develop optimum filter system solutions.
Turfmaster water pressure hose
01.09.2009 - The Parker Turfmaster premium quality hose is suitable for a variety of general purpose water applications.
Safety Yellow air/water hose from Parker Hannifin
31.08.2009 - Safety Yellow is a high quality air/ water hose that is suitable for a variety of applications.
Parker Hannifin’s Parker Instrumentation offers high pressure ball, needle valves
14.05.2008 - Parker Instrumentation, a part of Parker Hannifin, has launched ball and needle instrumentation valves, optimised for high pressure fluid control applications operating at up to 20,000 PSI/1379 bar.
Parker Instrumentation launches new manifold
21.08.2007 - Parker Instrumentation has launched a 3/8 inch (10 mm) bore double block and bleed manifold that will operate at up to 15,000 PSI (1,034 bar) cold working pressure.
Parker Instrumentation launches a range of instrumentation manifolds
01.06.2007 - Parker Instrumentation has launched a range of instrumentation manifolds meeting the stringent new ISO 15848 standard for fugitive emissions.
Parker Instrumentation offers radical new design of tube fitting
09.10.2006 - Parker Instrumentation, represented by Parker Hannifin, is offering a radical new design of tube fitting that can deliver huge cost savings to builders of industrial equipment involving fluids.
Parker Hannifin acquires SSD Drives
09.01.2006 - Parker Hannifin has broadened its automation offering with the acquisition of SSD Drives, a combination that strengthens Parker's global position in industrial electromechanical technology.
14 Industrial Ethernet solutions under the spotlight
10.10.2005 - The market has become inundated with new comms solutions, all based on Ethernet. Here’s a comparative study that makes sense of them all.
Ball valve range with high-flow option
18.11.2004 - PARKER Instrumentation has added a 25mm version to its high-performance Hi Pro instrumentation ball valve family. Featuring a novel two-piece construction that reduces potential leak paths to a minimum, and a design optimised for reliability, the new
ISO standard pneumatic valves
14.09.2004 - PARKER Hannifin has released of a range of ISO standard pneumatic valves suitable for applications in manufacturing, mining, processing, metal reduction, packaging and material handling industries.
Panel mounted pneumatic valves
14.05.2004 - PARKER Hannifin has released PXB-B4 panel-mounted pneumatic valves for applications in manufacturing, mining, processing, metal reduction, packaging, and material handling industries.
Air filter-regulator-lubricator system
21.04.2004 - THE Moduflex filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) system from Parker Hannifin is predicted to revolutionise the way users think about selecting air preparation systems in the future. Parker has gone back to basics and taken a fresh look at how FRLs are
Pneumatic equipment catalogue on CD
10.03.2004 - PARKER Hannifin (Australia) has announced the release of its 2004 pneumatic equipment catalogue on compact disk. The CD covers compressed air operated cylinders, motors, valves, filters, regulators, lubricators, fittings, vacuum components, and acces
New range of pneumatic valves
28.01.2003 - PARKER Hannifin (Australia) has announced the release of a new range of Rc1/4, Rc3/8 and Rc1/2 (BSP Taper) ported solenoid operated and pilot operated pneumatic valves. With up to 3.0 Cv ratings, PHS/PHP Series valves offer high flow rates and compac
Panel mounted pneumatic valves
11.10.2002 - PARKER Hannifin (Australia) has released a new range of panel-mounted pneumatic valves suitable for applications in manufacturing, mining, processing, metal reduction, packaging and material handling industries.
Extended series of pneumatic lockout valves
04.06.2002 - PARKER Hannifin has announced the release of G1.1/4 ported, pneumatic lockout valves suitable for applications in manufacturing, mining, processing, metal reduction, packaging and material handling industries.
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