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Protect R/S control valves with RSF refrigerant strainers from Parker Hannifin

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Now available from Parker Hannifin , type RSF refrigerant strainers are industrial type, iron alloy bodied units with stainless steel screens, specifically designed for the protection of R/S control valves from foreign materials present in refrigeration systems.

Featuring a fine stainless steel screen mesh, these refrigerant strainers will collect partilces as small as six thousands of an inch in diameter, and the generous available screen area allows for maximum dirt capacity at a minimal pressure drop.

The role refrigerant strainers play in preventing malfunction of control valves is extremely important upon start-up of a new refrigeration system, where dirt, scale, and weld particles may be present in the system and are disturbed and circulated during pressure testing or upon system start-up. They are also important when an existing system is revised and any settled dirt or foreign matter may be disturbed and circulated throughout the system.

If particles are too small to be removed by the refrigerant strainer, an R/S filter bag can be installed where applicable, periodically cleaned, and removed when necessary.

The key features of type RSF refrigerant strainers from Parker Hannifin include:

  • stainless steel (60 mesh) screen
  • drain connection for safe cleaning
  • ample screen area
  • low pressure drop
  • design pressure: 27.6 bar (400 psig)
  • can be close coupled
  • durable filter bags available 20mm - 100mm.

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