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Precision Linear Positioners from Parker Hannifin

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article image 400XR Precision Linear Positioners

The 400XR precision linear positioners from Parker Hannifin are known for consistent accuracy, reliable performance, high strength and unmatched versatility.  

The XR precision linear positioners find application in industries such as life sciences, fibre optics and instrumentation where the highest degree of precision is required.  

Their rugged construction, strength and sealed design additionally facilitate their use in industrial automation applications to meet packaging and automotive requirements.    

The XR family of precision linear positioners is available in a wide range of options to fit applications from the very basic to the highly complex.  

Premier performance, modular compatibility and quick delivery have made the XRs the perfect building blocks for cost-effective multi-axis systems.  

PROmech precision linear positioners:  

Designed for OEMs with a requirement for simple positioning solutions for instrument and lightindustrial applications, PROmech LP28 packaged linear positioners offer a complete positioningsolution at an affordable price.  

Building a linear motion axis from scratch requires procuring, tracking, receiving, inventorying, kitting, assembling and testing about a dozen parts, which can be expensive and time-intensive. A PROmech positioner is a single piece, sourced from a domestic supplier with short lead times.  

Key features:

  • Designed to reduce OEM component selection and system design time
  • Minimises re-engineering requirements since the positioner’s design is already fully tested
  • Helps engineering teams keep aggressive project time-lines on schedule and reduce time-to-market
  • PROmech positioners help reduce both costs and assembly time once a design goes into production
  • Miniature profile
  • Optimal length to travel ratio
  • Travels from 5mm to 500mm
  • Fully assembled package
  • Multi-axis platform
  • Motor included

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