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Parker Instrumentation launches a range of instrumentation manifolds

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Parker Instrumentation has launched a range of instrumentation manifolds meeting the stringent new ISO 15848 standard for fugitive emissions.

Available in double-block-and-bleed configurations, either monoflange or low-profile flange-ended forms, the new manifolds provide process instrument interfaces of outstanding integrity to help processing organizations dramatically enhance their LDAR (leak detection and repair) programs.

Published in 2006, ISO 15848 parts 1 and 2 (defining a classification system and qualification procedures, and production acceptance test of industrial valves, respectively) specify new ultra-low standards for emissions, which are attracting the attention of oil, gas and chemical/petrochemical organizations worldwide.

The standard is mainly used for process valves, but is now starting to be widely considered for instrumentation-sized components as well, especially on environmentally sensitive projects.

"Interest in ISO 15848 is progressing from the process valve to the instrumentation arena, and we are delighted to enter the market early in the cycle", says Parker Instrumentation's Kevin Ballard.

"With increasing environmental regulation, we expect the demand for ISO 15848 compliance, which effectively sets a 'zero emissions' standard, to soar in the coming decade."

There are three leakage classifications specified by ISO 15848: A, B and C (specifying maximum leakage rates from less than or equal to 1 x 10-2 mg/second/metre, to a figure four orders of magnitude less: 1 x 10-6 mg/second/metre.

Meeting any of these low levels is a challenge, which Parker instrumentation has solved with new ball and needle valve designs for use in double-block-and-bleed instrument manifolds.

The valve designs meet the high 'A ' classification level, over the temperature range -29 to +180 degrees Celsius, and the standard instrumentation manifold working pressures.

This compliance corresponds to a maximum annual leakage of less than the volume of a walnut for a typical three-valve instrument manifold.

Parker Instrumentation is initially making the valves available on two types of integrated instrument manifold optimised for space and weight-saving.

These are ProBloc, a novel one-piece body design with a flange at one end, and a range of the popular monoflange products with double-block-and-bleed valves integrated into the flange shaped body.

Both feature a highly integrated construction that reduces the potential number of leak paths substantially compared with assemblies fabricated from discrete valve and tubing components.

The vendor's ISO 15848-compliant range is available with flange sizes from 1/2 to 3 inches. Numerous valve/flow path configurations are available to suit the spectrum of common process instrument interfacing applications.

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