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Parker Hannifin's new range of air-cooled aftercoolers

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Parker Hannifin  have announced the availability from January 2010 of a new range of air-cooled aftercoolers whose name is Hypercool ADT. These units will substitute their current product range of Hypercool ANT air-cooled aftercoolers.

The new range of air aftercoolers will be available in 15 models instead of the current 16. Specifically, they will stop producing the models ANT036 and ANT040 which will both be substituted by the model ADT 038 (for 38 m3/min).

The Hypercool ADT range of aftercoolers will treat from 0.6 to 75 m³/min with following main features: 

  • Design pressure will be standardized at 16 bar for all the range
  • Design temperature will be 200 °C for all the range Vs 150°C of current one
  • Availability of a low noise option for models ADT009 to ADT075
  • Availability of a low pressure drop version for model ADT038 to ADT075
  • Availability of pneumatic fan model for aftercoolers which treats from 4 to 75 m3/min

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