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MRX-D Electronic Digital Flushmount Flowmeters from Parker Hannifin

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article image MRX-D electronic flowmeters from Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin introduces the MRX Digital Flushmount Flowmeters from Porter, leader in N2O sedation.

The MRX-D are the first electronic flowmeters capable of providing assurance of visual flow confirmation, as well as precise digital redaouts of actual flows and gas meters.

The  proprietary needle valves in these flowmeters deliver instantaneous flow versus the delay in the electronic valving of digital flowmeters.  Thanks to Porter’s control valve design, electrical surges or power outages have no effect on the flow of gas. 

The audible alarms in these flowmeters warn of any interrupted flow conditions which ensure that a minimum 30% O2 flow is always maintained.

Other features of the MRX Digital Flowmeters include:

  • They mount easy in all cabinetry
  • Safe, low voltage design (12vDC)
  • Digital display readout: normal flow display shows the 9% N2O on the left side and total flow in L/min on the right side. Additional user conditions such as “O2flush”and “Low O2 flow” will also display. 
  • On and Off switch, which provides a manual on/off switch with a dual function as the electrical on/off for the digital display.
  • O2 Quick Connect, which facilitates connection of resuscitation equipment to the central system for energy oxygen.

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