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Extended series of pneumatic lockout valves

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article image Parker Hannifin lockout valves.

PARKER Hannifin has announced the release of G1.1/4 ported, pneumatic lockout valves suitable for applications in manufacturing, mining, processing, metal reduction, packaging and material handling industries.

Parker's pneumatic lockout valves, now in port sizes G1/4; G3/8; G1/2; G3/4; G1 and G1.1/4, are carried in stock in Australia.

Lockout valves are installed between compressors and machinery using compressed air operated equipment.

Prior to servicing such machinery, the handle of the lockout valve is pressed inwards blocking the air supply and exhausting downstream air pressure. It is then padlocked into position for the safety of maintenance personnel.

Once maintenance procedure is completed, the padlock is removed and the valve handle is pulled outwards to restore the compressed air supply to the machinery.

The use of these valves is in compliance with Australian OH&S policy relating to isolation/lockout procedure (Clause 40-140) and USA OSHA (#29 CFR/1910) requirements.

Parker lockout valves are rated for up to 17 bar working pressure and feature flow rates ranging from Cv=3.0 (for G1/4 ported valves) up to Cv=19.7 (for G1.1/4 ported valves).

To protect the environment, the exhaust ports of these valves are threaded for silencers or piped exhaust.

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