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As operators of Hydro-Electric plants move away from the old style mechanical governors to the new digitally controlled governors, hydraulic control is playing a critical role in this changeover. Furthermore, utilities are demanding tighter control of frequency and voltage variances in power output from these plants for a more consistent power grid.

Governor control manufacturers are responding to these needs with more sophisticated PID electronic controls. Higher level hydraulic controls which control wicket gates on dams that regulate water flow, must be capable of responding to these high dynamic controls.

Parker DFP Servo Proportional Valves are well suited to the requirements of these systems. The D05 size D3FP can be used on smaller wicket gate actuators and the larger D91 or
D111FP pilot operated versions can be used on the larger actuator systems.

The preciseness of the DFP Proportional valves allows for tight control when diminutive actuator position changes are required during normal operation, as well as maintaining control when large, emergency shutdown maneuvers are demanded.

The DFP Proportional valves can accept a direct 4-20 ma input without a signal conversion card. In addition, there is a 12 pin connection option for full enable / shutdown feature.

This DFP Proportional valves from Parker Hannifin can be used to directly control the actuator or can be used to operate the OEMs main-stage valve.

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