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Air filter-regulator-lubricator system

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article image The Moduflex FRL system.

THE Moduflex filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) system from Parker Hannifin is predicted to revolutionise the way users think about selecting air preparation systems in the future.

Parker has gone back to basics and taken a fresh look at how FRLs are used and designed in a host of new and user-friendly features.

Suitable for virtually all compressed air preparation applications, the new modular Moduflex FRL system features one-piece body units that can be joined using Parker's patented Cliplok system.

The Cliplok fastener enables combinations of units to be built in a fraction of the time taken for more traditional systems. Units can be connected together, face to face, without increasing the overall width, thereby providing constant mounting centres and saving space.

Filter units feature a one-piece body and condensate receptacle design that overcomes the need for a separate bowl. The one-piece design is safer to use, less likely to be damaged and can be used in more demanding applications.

An easy turn of the base plate facilitates filter element removal, whilst a positive latch ensures correct and safe replacement.

Designed for one-hand operation, the one-piece, snap-fit filter element cartridge is easily removed and replaced, without tools. Moduflex60 FRL series filters feature 5-micron elements as standard with a 40-micron option. Coalescer and adsorber units are also available.

Regulator and filter/regulator units feature rolling diaphragms ensuring consistently maintained downstream pressure as well as service life longer than achieved with flat diaphragm designs.

The regulators feature an ergonomically designed, easy to set, non-rising adjusting knob. The snap-lock feature prevents accidental change of set pressure.

Moduflex6O FRL series oil mist type lubricators have up to double the oil capacity of traditional designs and provide constant, controlled lubrication to downstream equipment; increasing service life and reducing downtime.

A large diameter oil filling orifice simplifies lubricant filling while the system is still under pressure

The full range of Moduflex60 FRL series accessories includes combined soft start-dump valves, shut-off valves, optional port block kits, manifold blocks and diverter manifolds.

Combined soft-start dump valves provide for the safe introduction of pressure to machines or systems. They allow the pressure to build gradually to the set point before allowing full flow at line pressure.

The controlled introduction of pressure can prevent injury to operators and damage to tooling.

Manual dump valves enable the depressurisation of downstream air in the event of an emergency or while maintenance work is being carried out. These valves can be padlocked into position to prevent pressurisation until safe to do so.

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