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Grinding, automotive and custom built machines from Parken Engineering Equipment

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Parken Engineering Equipment  provides diverse range of grinding, automotive as well as custom built machines. Different types of grinding machines from Parken Engineering Equipment include universal belt grinders, horizontal belt grinders, disc sanders, platen sanders, drawer sanders, tongue sanders to name a few. Universal belt grinders are fat cutting machines that have been specifically designed for various types of grinding operations by engineers, die casters, electro platers and manufacturers. This grinding machine comprises of contact wheel arm that can be adjusted to 260 degrees and also composed of an abrasive disk to be mounted onto the drive wheel. Horizontal belt grinder has heavy construction and operable in power conditions ranging to about four kilowatts.

Parken Engineering Equipment provides disc grinders with features including double ended tilting table. Tongue sander from Parken Engineering Equipment is a grinding machine that is specifically suitable for internal sanding applications and available either with tilting table or fixed table. Automotive machines supplied by Parken Engineering Equipment include clutch pressure plate grinder.

Parken Engineering Equipment also designs extensive range of custom built machines. These custom built machines include custom built bobbin winder and hand operated trimming cutter. Hand operated trimming cutter from Parken Engineering Equipment has been specifically designed for medical industry.

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