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Linen, floor mats and roller towels from Park Avenue Laundry

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Park Avenue Laundry  offers comprehensive range of industrial laundry services including linen rental, floor mats, roller towels, wiper cloths and safety wear. Linen industrial laundry services are offered to restaurant as well accommodation industries and aged care facilities. Park Avenue Laundry offers this industrial laundry service on a rental basis. Different types of linen provided by Park Avenue Laundry are available in varying sizes and made from either 100 percent polyester or 100 percent cotton mercerised yarn. Park Avenue Laundry also supplies commercial linen towels. Park Avenue Laundry ensures to provide bed or table linen that is devoid of contamination as well as residual chemicals.

Floor mats provided by Park Avenue Laundry have been specifically designed to withstand high traffic areas as well as for protecting expensive floor coverings. These floor mats are made by employing soil grabbing technique of high twist nylon yarn. Dust control floor mats from Park Avenue Laundry are available in different colours that include charcoal, red and grey colours.

Park Avenue Laundry also provides roller towel cabinets on a rental basis. Darman Endura continuous roller towel cabinets supplied by Park Avenue Laundry comprise of durable as well as resistant polycarbonate resin and offer various benefits including universal mount holes, resistance to paint as well as rust and dust separator.

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