Park Avenue Laundry

Clean room laundry services, work wear rental.


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18/04/08 - Park Avenue Laundry specialises in providing cleanroom laundry services. Cleanroom laundry services are offered to different industries that include pharmaceutical, medical, electronics as well as engineering, nanotech as well as biotech and veterina
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17/04/08 - Park Avenue Laundry offers comprehensive range of industrial laundry services including linen rental, floor mats, roller towels, wiper cloths and safety wear.
Supplier news
16/04/08 - Park Avenue Laundry provides industrial as well as cleanroom laundry services. Park Avenue Laundry has been offering reliable and efficient laundry services since 1948.

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Park Avenue Laundry (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 344
VIC 3000
Tel: 1300 763 999
Fax: 1300 763 999

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Park Avenue Laundry

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