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Barrier casings and meat nettings from Parimco

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Parimco  supplies food packaging products that include Paclon 4 range of barrier casings as well as elasticised meat nettings. Paclon 4 barrier casing from Parimco is a strong five layer nylon barrier casing specifically designed for packaging ham. These barrier casings are available in different sizes as well as colours and varied types such as shirred, clipped, looped and top tied casings. This provides cost effective casing for sausage or processed ham production. Paclon barrier casings offer different advantages that include multilayer barrier protection, high puncture resistance, caliber stability, flexographic multicolour printing and also provides excellent presentation of the product. These barrier casings possess low haze rate as well as high gloss appearance.

Elasticised meat nettings supplied by Parimco are available in different types such as traditional square pattern, micromesh, min-mesh and stick fill casing net types. T/NET 48 square micromesh supplied by Parimco comprise of traditional small square patterned windows that offers extra strong compression. These meat nettings have been specifically designed for applications such as smoking, boiling, roasting as well as steaming.

Peel Easy Net stocking net supplied by Parimco is high compression stocking nets suited for shaping as well as compressing meat products. These meat nettings possess high permeability that enable extra smoke penetration.

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