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Aluminium clips, banded cartridge clips and clipping machines from Parimco

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Parimco  supplies various food packaging products that include clips, loops, clippers as well as proteins. Parimco supplies aluminium clips that have been manufactured with the aid of sophisticated technology. These aluminium clips are supplied by Parimco at cost effective rates. Diverse range of aluminium clips supplied by Parimco includes reel clips, strand clips, taped clips, banded and coloured clips. These aluminium clips are compatible with different standard clipping machines.

Parimco supplies banded cartridge loops. These loops are packed in rolls and manufactured under control production process. Banded cartridge loops from Parimco are available in different colours including beige, red, blue, green, black, green-white and gold colours. These loops are suitable for Polyclip FCA, Super FCA as well as several other automatic clipping machines.

Parimco also supplies different types of clipping machines. Hemgrap clipping machine have been specifically developed for applications that include closing guts, sausages, bags or even meshes. These clipping machines have stainless steel construction. Semi automatic S3 clipping machine from Parimco is a rapid action machine capable of closing guts, artificial casings, meshes, bags or even sausages. This comprises of hand operated gatherer in conjunction with optional automatic cutting knife.

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