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Surface preparation units and accessories from Flextool (Aust)

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Flextool (Aust)  is a well established company that offers a range of quality products for the construction market in Australia. Some of the products that are supplied by Flextool (Aust) include a range of surface preparation units and accessories like surface scarifiers, accessories for the surface scarifiers, surface grinders, surface planers and a range of dust control units.

The surface scarifiers that are manufactured by Flextool (Aust) are made of quality materials and these products can be used for operations like cleaning, grinding, grooving and milling Flextool (Aust) also supplies a wide range of surface scarifier accessories including cutter cages, edger cages, carbide drums and cutting tools. The range of surface grinders supplied by Flextool (Aust) is designed for providing quality cleaning and surfacing.

The range of surface planers that are supplied by Flextool (Aust) runs using petrol and are ideal for grinding uneven driveway points, footpaths, high spots and for removing surface materials from surfaces as well as removal of epoxy glue and paint.

The surface scarifiers from Flextool (Aust) come with a cutting width of 200 millimetres. These surface scarifiers also come with optional dust extractors. The dust control units supplied by Flextool (Aust) are suitable for commercial wet and dry cleaning applications.

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