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Power equipment from Flextool (Aust)

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Flextool (Aust)  manufactures a wide range of construction and builders equipment like concrete finishing and compaction equipment, water pumps and trash pumps. Flextool (Aust) also supplies a complete range of replacement parts for these equipment as well.

Some of the construction and builders equipment is manufactured by Flextool (Aust) are breaking machines, chiselling machines, power equipment, drilling machines, sawing and cutting machines, surface preparation equipment, concrete power finishing equipment, concrete power finishing machines, concrete hand finishing equipment, concrete compaction equipment, soil compaction machines, drive units and pumping equipment.

Flextool (Aust) also manufactures and supplies a range of dust control units these are available with automatic vibrators, volume flow display units and general start controls. These dust control units from Flextool (Aust) works on electromagnetic pulse cleaning mechanism and provide superior dust control.

Flextool (Aust) supplies a range of water and trash pumps including submersible trash pumps, electric submersible pumps and close coupled engine driven pumps. The 12 volt electric submersible pumps from Flextool (Aust) are designed to be used by contractors, industrial users and utility companies. The 240 volt electric submersible pumps are idle for dewatering lift wells, basements and cellars. The effluent pumps that are supplied by Flextool (Aust) can be used by pork producers, poultry producers and dairy producers.

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