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Ultra Electronics Sonar & Communication Systems deploys PTC Windchill

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PTC , the Product Development CompanyTM, has released that the Ultra Electronics business, Sonar & Communication Systems, a specialist in design and manufacturing of electronic and sonar systems for naval, oceanographic and aerospace applications, successfully integrated its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from BPCS with PTC Windchill. The new Windchill based ERP integration should provide greater data visibility, easier access and improved collaboration while at the same time offer a substantial time reduction on overall data management. The expectation is to reduce the latter by 50 percent, freeing up the time of skilled employees for more value added activities.

The business objective was to reduce time to market. PTC’s Windchill solution for content and process management will support requirements to automate and accelerate design change management by ensuring the right information is routed immediately to the right person for approval. The original process relied on paper-based systems and lacked integration of design or production information with its back office ERP system. Ultra Electronics Sonar and Communication Systems elected to deploy Windchill PDMLink and Windchill InfoEngine as a result of a recommendation that came out of the PTC Product Development System (PDS) Vision Assessment. The PDS Vision Assessment is used to identify the link between business value and product development process improvements. PTC Global Services worked with the Ultra Company to develop a comprehensive personalized roadmap for ongoing process and technology improvements that would enable them to meet their business objectives.

According to Ultra Electronics Sonar & Communication Systems, with the help of PTC’s PDS vision assessment, they realized that exchanging information from design to production using a paper-based system was a major obstacle for process innovation. Ultra Electronics Sonar & Communication Systems decided to first target improvements of the link between design, engineering and the ERP system. With Windchill implementation, designs will now be shared and deployed at the same time, which can help Ultra Electronics Sonar & Communication Systems realize time to market savings of 20% - 50%.

Ultra Electronics Sonar & Communication System has been a long term Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/INTRALINK user designing and managing its underwater sonar equipment and aircraft mounted communications equipment with PTC integrated CAD/CAM/CAE solution suite. The data upload will be shortly moved to Windchill PDMLink to manage the whole bill of material prior to submission into the company’s ERP system. PTC’s PDS vision assessment demonstrated that this completely integrated set of solutions will relieve former bottleneck processes and help to realize a comprehensive roadmap of ongoing improvements.

According to PTC, using Windchill PDMLink with Windchill InfoEngine for ERP integration offers significant benefits in all industry sectors and we see it is a key initiative for more and more companies. Companies in both aerospace and defense and electronics and high tech industries face the challenge of bringing multiple types of data from multiple systems together. Effectively linking PLM and ERP systems can be a key competitive differentiator for its customers. It enables them to optimise product development quality, cost and efficiency by improving data accuracy, reducing manufacturing and material non-conformance costs, and implementing more accurate inventory planning.

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