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Starchaser Industries renews commitment to PTC’s Pro/ENGINEER for three more years

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PTC, the Product Development Company, has released that Starchaser Industries, a privately held high tech company, renewed its commitment to Pro/ENGINEER, the PTC integrated CAD/CAM/CAE solution, for another three years.

Starchaser Industries is specialised in the development, operation and commercialisation of space-related products, for both the emerging micro-satellite and space tourism markets. PTC Pro/ENGINEER in combination with Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica is used in all areas of research and development for rockets, rocket engines and other systems. Pro/ENGINEER is playing a vital role in the development of the new STORM bi-liquid rocket engine.

Developing reusable launch vehicles and the associated systems and technologies, Starchaser faces many technical and commercial challenges. Starchaser’s unique approach is to develop solutions, which are robust, reliable and reusable, but also affordable, that meets demanding weight and performance requirements.

Pro/ENGINEER helped Starchaser to drastically reduce costs as well as saving Starchaser precious development time. Starchaser’s designers can quickly transfer the brainstorming ideas into product design followed by simulation and analysis, and it all takes place within the same environment.

Starchaser Industries is applying a tried and tested, step-by-step approach to allow real progress based on experience. One example is the development of its rocket propulsion STORM, soon to be tested. The rocket engine is powered by the same liquid oxygen/kerosene propellant combination that took Apollo to the moon.

The highly complex STORM engine is benefiting from the use of Pro/ENGINEER, as the development team is able to address complex design challenges very quickly. With the help of Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica structural and thermal simulation, the team can better understand and explore the engine performance without costly prototyping.

By gaining early and deep product insights, Starchaser is able to realise a higher number of design options in a shorter period of time, and is spending less money. As a rocket engine needs to resist enormous stress, Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica also analyses this stress upfront, allowing the necessary changes a lot earlier in the process.

World-class A&D companies use product development solutions like Pro/ENGINEER to support the development of highly complex products, which are defined by complex information. The scaleable set of capabilities delivered by Pro/ENGINEER significantly increases the productivity of mechanical designers, and enables small and focused development teams to accomplish what larger organisations do with a smaller workforce.

Small to medium A&D companies use Pro/ENGINEER to deliver productivity improvements, which translate into a market differentiator in a highly competitive environment.

From Formula 1 to NASCAR to America's Cup sailing, the world's performance teams partner with PTC through PTC’s Performance Partner Program to support their advanced and demanding design, development and manufacturing projects.

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