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Siemens Building Technologies uses PTC Arbortext dynamic publishing software

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PTC, the Product Development Company, has announced that Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., has implemented PTC Arbortext dynamic publishing software and is using it to create a single source of product documentation that can be easily and cost-effectively authored, repurposed and published to a variety of media outputs, including PDF, CD-ROM and the web.

Siemens Building Technologies creates complex building automation, security and life safety systems that involve hundreds of components from many different external suppliers and departments across the company. The systems integration department at Siemens Building Technologies was tasked with revising and republishing the supporting documentation each time a product component was updated to provide better system capabilities. This time-consuming process meant this documentation was often obsolete by the time it was distributed to the field. To further complicate this process, these publications had to be maintained and republished to print, PDF and website.

Siemens Building Technologies selected Arbortext because the company required a solution that supported a single-source, multiple-output strategy. This strategy has forced consistency into the documentation process and the new system has become the foundation for producing all future product documentation. Arbortext gives the company’s content authors the ability to create and collaborate on product documentation while maintaining a single source of reusable information across its supplier base and business units.

According to Siemens Building Technologies, the single biggest reason for embarking on a single-source strategy is fixing the inconsistencies in how the documents were produced. Siemens Building Technologies had individual creativity, but limited consistency and they needed a solution to enforce specific guidelines and protocols that enabled it to deliver more timely and accurate product documentation to its field service personnel faster and less expensively than with the older system.

According to PTC, by delivering a timely, consistent and complete product documentation process to Siemens Building Technologies field service representatives, Arbortext software was able to help the company satisfy product maintenance requests faster than before, improving its customer care and ultimately differentiating itself from competitors in an otherwise highly commoditised marketplace.

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