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PTC has unveiled the industry's first comprehensive product development system and architecture that enables companies to more easily implement product lifecycle management (PLM) while meeting the increasingly complex challenges of product development.

Companies today are struggling with poor data interoperability, high integration costs and the high maintenance costs associated with portfolios of point solutions and legacy systems.

At the same time, they are seeking to build the technical infrastructure for PLM while being constrained by flat or declining IT budgets.

By taking a systematic approach in seamlessly connecting its Pro/ENGINEER product design and development solution with its Windchill collaboration and control solutions on the best architectural foundation, PTC is now able to offer all the essential elements of PLM designed to work as a single integral system.

Using this system, companies can create high fidelity digital products, collaborate throughout their extended digital value chain, and control all associated product information and processes.

The modular system can be deployed incrementally and is supported by packaged services, enabling companies to implement a common, open PLM architecture that is expandable, and links legacy applications and heterogeneous CAD systems while protecting past IT investments.

This comprehensive yet flexible array of products and services enables customers to deploy product development systems according to their particular needs, timetables and strategies.

"Our product development system is the culmination of a significant research and development investment by PTC to give our customers a complete integral system rather than a patchwork quilt of products that require costly and time-consuming integration efforts," PTC president Richard Harrison said.

"This up-front investment by PTC will significantly reduce the overall cost of ownership for our customers.

"The system, supported by our Product First Roadmap, enables companies to significantly improve their business with a centralized focus around creating better products through specific product development strategies, initiatives and competencies.

“By placing products first they can better capture the growth and profitability value opportunities that are resident in the product development process," he said.

PTC offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and training that are packaged to best suit customer needs - as fixed price bundles, a la carte offerings, or configurable solutions.

The services greatly reduce the costs and risks of implementation, positively impact product development processes, decrease the loss of employee productivity during implementation, and identify ongoing opportunities to leverage the product development process to create superior products.

PTC's product development system benefits include:

* Greater productivity through increased product development speed;

* A single "system of record" for all product information throughout the entire process;

* Reduced training time and expense as users are able to work within their familiar environment as they create, collaborate and control within the development process;

* Better management of interdependencies among suppliers; and ultimately reduced total cost of ownership from a streamlined system requiring less custom integration and connections.

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