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PTC releases Arbortext Content Manager

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PTC , the Product Development Company, has unveiled the availability of Arbortext Content Manager to expand the PTC Dynamic Publishing System. The Arbortext Content Manager is based on proven PTC Windchill technology and was developed to meet the needs of organizations that face the challenge of authoring and managing the development of complex publications in a globally distributed and highly regulated environment.

PTC’s Dynamic Publishing System combines text authoring, graphics authoring, content management and configuration management, automated publishing and graphics visualisation. It is the industry’s first integral system explicitly focused on optimising the publishing process for organisations in the pharmaceutical, financial services, government, transportation, and process manufacturing industries.

Content management and graphics visualisation are critical components of the PTC Dynamic Publishing System. The Arbortext Content Manager and PTC’s recent acquisition of ITEDO, the leader in the technical illustrations market, build on the vision to enable organisations to create, manage and deliver high quality publications consisting of both text and illustrations.

Traditional publishing systems are used to create and manage documents as monolithic objects, requiring users to recreate existing content and manually update each instance of the same information, and contribute to inconsistencies in the sequence and structure of information.

The PTC Dynamic Publishing System revolutionises traditional publishing systems. PTC’s Dynamic Publishing System enables organisations to create content out of XML-based reusable components, create illustrations from scratch or automatically from design data, automate content management, review, and approval processes with powerful workflow and configuration management capabilities, and automatically publish information in multiple formats, languages, and media. PTC’s integral system lowers deployment risks and support costs by ensuring interoperability and seamless integration of all components.

Additionally, the Dynamic Publishing System provides a significant opportunity for companies that offer products or services with multiple options or configurations, serve customers in multiple geographies, or frequently update their product, service or marketing documentation.

Scotia Cassels was manually publishing complex content under tight time frames and with fixed compliance requirements. The PTC Dynamic Publishing System has given it an integrated system that lets Scotia reuse content, merge data from other systems, and automate the report publishing cycle, ultimately improving our content creation and publishing efficiencies by 50 percent. Scotia looks forward to exploring further efficiencies with PTC and its systems.

Highlights of the PTC Dynamic Publishing System include:
Support for all phases of the publishing process
Support for component-based XML authoring for collaborative document creation
Broad support for technical illustrations, either created from scratch or based on CAD data
Comprehensive content management that bursts documents into reusable components
Powerful configuration and workflow management capabilities
Dynamic document assembly to publish to all media automatically, including print and electronic, from a single source
Integration with Microsoft Office

According to PTC, its content management solutions have a strong heritage of managing engineering designs with tens of thousands of embedded components, complex workflows and business processes. With the release, PTC makes this unique technology accessible to a broad range of companies, who do not necessarily need to manage design components, but rather document components. The Arbortext Content Manager enables them to automate and optimise their business processes to deliver high quality publications.

The integral nature of this industry-first dynamic publishing system means that organisations can minimise deployment costs and eliminate the risks of piecing together disparate products from multiple vendors.

Arbortext Content Manager product availability
Arbortext Content Manager is optimised to manage Arbortext-authored XML data. Arbortext Content Manager provides organisations with a single source of information, while also delivering many other essential benefits, including access control and version control at a component level, management of component relationships, and deep configuration management capabilities.

Arbortext Content Manager supports collaboration of geographically dispersed teams, and its advanced workflow capabilities make it easy to automate critical processes such as configuration management and release of publications. This key component of the PTC Dynamic Publishing System is available now.

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