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PTC integrates Pro/ENGINEER design solution and Mathcad

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PTC, the Product Development Company, has demonstrated the new and powerful integration between its Pro/ENGINEER design solution and Mathcad engineering calculation software at the 2006 PTC/USER World Conference in Dallas. This integration helps PTC expand its computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) suite of solutions with unique predictive engineering capabilities that help customers deliver optimized products more rapidly, with higher quality and improved knowledge capture.

The integration between Mathcad and Pro/ENGINEER is a bi-directional link between the two applications. Users of these solutions can easily associate any Mathcad file with a Pro/ENGINEER part or assembly using the analysis feature in Pro/ENGINEER. Critical values calculated in Mathcad can be mapped to parameters and dimensions in the CAD model to drive the geometric design.

Parameters from a Pro/ENGINEER model can also be input into Mathcad for downstream engineering design calculations. The integration offers dynamic updates to calculations and the CAD drawing when parameters are changed. Additionally, Mathcad-driven Pro/ENGINEER designs can now be validated using Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica structural, thermal, fatigue and mechanism analysis solutions.

Key benefits of the integration between Pro/ENGINEER and Mathcad include:
Predictive engineering – provides customers with a way to predict the behavior of their models, which yields better designs and decreases the number of design iterations in the product development process
Productivity and product quality improvements - enables efficient and accurate data exchange between applications, eliminating error-prone manual steps in the product development process 
Improved traceability and audit capabilities - enhances the ability to verify, validate, and audit engineering work and design results by providing clear documentation of design calculations which are directly linked to CAD models
Regulatory and standards compliance - improves ability to document regulatory and engineering standards compliance throughout the product development process

Product Integration Availability
The first generally available integration between Pro/ENGINEER and Mathcad is scheduled for mid-August, in the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 M030 maintenance release.

Customers currently using Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 can download a toolkit-based application that will enable them to link Mathcad worksheets to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 models. This less formal integration will allow Mathcad users to utilize Mathcad parameters in Pro/ENGINEER models, and is expected to become available in July 2006.

Mathsoft customers who do not use Pro/ENGINEER will continue to be able to leverage Mathcad as a stand-alone solution. PTC is committed to further developing the solution for customers in key markets not traditionally served by PTC, such as process manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction, government and education.

Mathcad is the internationally recognized standard for engineering calculations and applied mathematics. The Mathcad product family provides an intuitive, comprehensive, interoperable, and scalable solution that enables customers to protect investments and intellectual capital while improving organizational efficiency and productivity. Ninety percent of Fortune 1000 companies, 500 government agencies and 2,000 colleges and universities around the world use Mathcad to capture the strategic value in their engineering calculations.

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