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PTC announces completion of project

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PTC, the Product Development Company, has announced that First Automotive Works Group Corporation (FAW) Technology Centre has successfully completed its project with PTC Global Services to optimize its digital design process and strengthen its digitalized product development capabilities. The FAW Technology Center is the first center focused on automotive R&D and testing/inspection in China. The primary function of the center is the design and development of FAW’s mainstream products. The center has been using Pro/ENGINEER or over a decade and Windchill since 2001.

As a result of the company’s positive experience with PTC products, the FAW Technology Center turned to PTC Global Services to restructure their disaggregated product development process. Over the years, the FAW Technology Center’s Commercial Vehicle Department deployed disparate software platforms from multiple vendors. Unfortunately, this resulted in a fragmented digital product data management system that left the product development process and the digital design and verification process disconnected. Additionally, inadequate digital design standards caused the product data to differ from one system to another, ultimately leading to unnecessary delays in product development.

PTC offered a unique combination of PLM expertise as well as proficiency in automotive industry process consulting. As a result, they quickly identified problem areas and developed best practices that enabled the FAW Technology Center’s Commercial Vehicle Department to achieve breakthrough product development performance.

Through close cooperation with FAW Technology Center’s Commercial Vehicle Department, PTC defined a standardized top-down design flow and an effective collaborative work flow between various engineering teams. To reduce inconsistent product data caused by multiple platforms, Pro/ENGINEER was used as the exclusive 3D design platform for all vehicle design, including parts and components. Pro/ENGINEER was also used for engineering drafting and printing, ensuring a consistent process and seamless data integration from design to printout. All product design data was also centrally managed and accessed via the PTC Pro.INTRALINK workgroup management solution, enabling engineers to easily and efficiently retrieve the most updated Pro/ENGINEER data for verification.

The consultants from PTC also developed an R&D process for the Commercial Vehicle Department’s new products, including the design of general parts and electricity/pipeline design, so that future processes are standardized and clearly understood by engineers. The new digital design and verification process is being rolled out across all vehicle models, ensuring adoption and value realization on a large scale.

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