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NRB Bearings standardises PTC solutions for product development

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NRB Bearings, one of India's leading bearing manufacturing companies, has standardised PTC’s (the Product Development Company) solutions for product development.

The deployment by NRB includes PTC Pro/ENGINEER, for the creation of rich 3D design data, Windchill PDMLink for the control and management of product data and Windchill ProjectLink for enterprise project collaboration.

NRB Bearings has been a PTC customer since 1999 when it first deployed Pro/ENGINEER.

As the complexity of its product requirements evolved, NRB Bearings also adopted Windchill. This has resulted in an enhanced and streamlined product development environment at NRB, a key requirement for the company's vision of becoming one of the largest players in the global bearings market.

NRB Bearings’ standardisation on PTC solutions for product development has resulted in the company being able to reduce their product design time substantially, which has a significant impact on their business.

The ability to collaborate seamlessly across their locations, while allowing the benefits of reduced costs is another great advantage of adopting PTC's solutions says NRB Bearings.

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