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Mouldbase assembly and detailing tool

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PTC has announced Expert Mold Extension (EMX), a new mouldbase add-on for Pro/Engineer. EMX is a knowledge-based mouldbase assembly and detailing tool that provides enhanced functionality to the existing Pro/Engineer mould tool.

Created specifically for mould designers, this tool facilitates the mould design process and improves productivity.

EMX decreases the time it takes designers to create, customise and detail mouldbase assemblies and components needed for plastic injection and die cast moulds.

Pro/Engineer EMX provides smart, automated mouldbases and components. After components are placed, operations such as clearance cuts and drilled and tapped holes are automatically performed on the appropriate neighboring plates and components.

This process relieves the designer of time consuming and repetitive mould detailing tasks. In addition, complex design tasks are made simple and the learning curve is radically shortened through a new user interface.

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