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Breakthrough software accelerates product development

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PRODUCT development company PTC has announced Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, a breakthrough version of its Pro/ENGINEER product design and development software.

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire has been designed to give manufacturing companies of all sizes the ability to bring superior products to market faster and more economically.

The new solution sets an industry standard with its blend of powerful features that enhance both personal and process productivity.

"Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire lets the user focus on creating great designs without distractions from command-based navigation or performance limitations," PTC vice president Richard Kulkarni said.

"Previously, companies have had to choose between easy-to-use modelling tools and more fully-featured applications integrated into their design process.”

PTC has incorporated hundreds of new features and enhancements to existing capabilities. Collectively, these new features streamline workflow and accelerate development by 30 per cent. Major new innovations include:

* A Web communications capability that enables both seamless access of PTC's Windchill suite of collaboration and control offerings and live-data peer-to-peer connectivity to other Pro/ENGINEER users.

* A new interface that focuses on ergonomics, letting users become productive quickly, comfortably and with minimal training.

* An unobtrusive dashboard has replaced dialogue boxes, giving users direct access to critical feature controls. Extensive graphical previews make geometry modelling easier.

* Symbolic representations and flexible components enhance high performance assembly modelling capabilities.

* New capabilities in interactive surface design, point-cloud reverse engineering, real time photo rendering and warp feature-based global modelling help designers create aesthetically pleasing products.

* Improved simulation and optimisation tools (including integrated mechanism dynamics, improved structural and thermal studies, and easier-to-use behavioural modelling) lead to greater confidence in designs without repetitive prototyping.

PTC has established a quality assurance, usability and ease-of-adoption program for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire's introduction. During its development, a cross-section of Pro/ENGINEER users have been introduced to the product, participating in extensive usability and quality assurance testing.

PTC will introduce customers to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire at special preview sessions in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland at the end of August.

Customers can obtain more information or register to attend these events by visiting www.ptc-aust.com.au/events/wildfire or call PTC on 03 9561 4111.

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