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Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 9.0 latest release

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PTC has announced that Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 9.0 (formerly known as Advent 3B2) is now available.

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher is an automated publishing engine that produces professional, high-quality print and PDF documents with complex layout requirements.

Arbortext has helped customers achieve great success in areas such as technical documentation, financial reports, scientific/technical/medical (STM) journals, legislation and amendments, marketing brochures, telephone directories and product catalogues.

Available in both server and desktop variants, Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher enables interactive touch-up of the automated result so that users retain complete control of the appearance of every page.

Rapid, high-volume automation of the traditionally labour-intensive composition process is a key strength of the product.

This product not only reduces costs and shortens schedules, but also increases flexibility by enabling reuse of the same design for multiple publications.

Features include:

* Improved application development through three new programming aides including:

- Format Stepper, which allows the user to step through the format process

- Tracing, which allows the user to generate reports of the commands being processed

- Logging, which allows debugging code to be saved within the template and written to different locations.

* Table i improvements that provide significantly greater flexibility, such as:

- Nesting of tables within tables

- Additional keeps allow rows to be kept together and tables to be kept with the surrounding text

- Up to five repeating headers and footers within each table.

* Productivity improvements, including:

- Print, save and format in a single pass, allowing print output to be sent to a number of output media/devices while formatting.

* Greater font flexibility through support for OpenType fonts that contain TrueType or PostScript outlines.

* Expanded support for XML-related standards including XInclude, inline XSLT and additional XPath functionality.

Faster turnaround and shorter lead-time to publication are among the leading reasons why organisations need to rethink their publishing strategy.

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher provides an automated publishing approach to address these challenges, enabling organisations to reduce publishing time, save production costs and deliver better customer experiences through timely, accurate information.

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