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Effective airport security solutions from Paramax Intergrated Systems

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Paramax Intergrated Systems  specialises in providing security solutions. Paramax Intergrated Systems caters these security solutions to various clients including commercial, industrial as well as commercial sectors. Paramax Intergrated Systems commenced its operations by about 1992. Some of the security solutions offered by Paramax Intergrated Systems include fibre optic communications structure, secure virtual private network solutions, CCTV system design as well as remote 24/7 monitoring. Paramax Intergrated Systems provides both hardware and software solutions.

AirAccess is one such hardware security solution provided by Paramax Intergrated Systems. This hardware security solution comprises of varied features that include strong stainless steel construction, air vents, vandal resistant card reader and touch screen facility. This has been implemented as an effective airport security solution.

AirAccess hardware security solution from Paramax Intergrated Systems has simple operation. The visiting pilots of the airport need to enter minimal information and with the aid of magnetic stripe cards enables them to gain authorised entry through the controlled doors and gates. This technique enables the visiting pilots to enter without using local airport access credentials. AirAcess proves to be an effective security system that provides authorised access to the pilots from airside to landside.

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