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Paperless RF Warehouse Management System available

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Inventory accuracy, picking accuracy, stocktakes, these are all common issues for all warehouse operations.

100% picking accuracy and 99.997% inventory accuracy would seem impossible to believe in any high volume warehouse, but that is exactly what is being achieved by operations utilising Paperless RF WMS.

The Paperless Warehousing Warehouse Management System is an RF based WMS, which utilises wireless technology and barcode scanning to direct all warehouse activity and record all inventory movements as they occur. The Paperless RF WMS is designed to eliminate the traditional warehouse paperwork such as picking slips and receiving logs, which are prone to errors, delays and manual data entry.

Each warehouse operator or material handling equipment uses a small terminal, which displays instructions for various tasks, picks, putaways, replenishments, etc. The operator confirms the instruction with a simple key input or barcode scan where appropriate. The terminal communicates wirelessly with the Paperless WMS in real time to provide the next task and validate the correct input. The Paperless WMS updates each movement and change in quantity as it occurs providing real time inventory visibility. Inventory is managed at a pallet/position level and down to an individual carton or unit.

The communication utilises Radio Frequency technology, which also allows for Voice Picking terminals to be controlled from the same Paperless WMS, providing even further improvements with hands-free productivity.

The Paperless RF WMS has extensive order management tools to provide great efficiency to the order fulfilment process, from order prioritisation, allocating stock ensuring correct stock rotation, full pallet picking, case picking and unit picking, optimised pickpath, and including replenishing pick bays interactively.

From 2,000sqm warehouses to 50,000sqm distribution centres, from 4,000 cartons per day to 90,000 cartons per day, the Paperless Warehousing RF based WMS has provided the solution to a variety of clients in various industries for improving their warehousing operational efficiency and accuracy.

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