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Paper Rolls Australia Warns Against Using Cheap Paper Rolls in POS Systems

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Paper Rolls Australia warns businesses against using cheap paper rolls in their point of sale systems.  Cheap and inferior quality receipt paper rolls can cause significant damage to the POS equipment and cause unwanted down time.

Low grade paper used in cheap thermal receipt rolls can act as an abrasive on the thermal print head of a receipt printer. Contamination from dust and foreign bodies and chemical residue can be found on inferior thermal coated paper rolls, which forces the print heads to work harder during printing processes. This lessens the life of the POS equipment.

Using cheap receipt paper rolls produce more ‘paper dust’ inside receipt printers, which results in jamming and business down time. Manufacturer’s warranties can also become voided when non-approved grade receipt papers are used in the POS systems.

Paper Rolls Australia recommends businesses to invest in reputable receipt paper rolls instead of cheap and inferior qualities. Using quality graded paper rolls helps prevent down time and damage to POS equipment.

Paper Rolls Australia suggests businesses contact their manufacturers for further information on the approved paper roll standards that best suit their POS systems.

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