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Tigre box sealing machines available from Panda Packaging

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article image Tigre box sealing machines can package products in controlled or modified atmospheres

Tigre box sealing machines from Panda Packaging have been designed to attain high integrity seals, enabling the packing of sensitive products in controlled or modified atmospheres. Products can be packaged in controlled atmospheres to provide improved presentation and to extend their shelf life.

Tigre box sealing machines feature a reprocrating head and an independent cutting knife that has been developed for maximum sealing time, guaranteeing the best possible conditions for producing hermatic seals.

These packaging machines measure 4500mm x 1470mm x 1970mm and the production speed is dependent on the film and the product.

High barrier laminates suitable for flowback machines are used with the Tigre box sealing machines. The dimensions of the film and reel used with these box sealing machines measure: 

  • Film width - 620mm 
  • Outer diameter - 350mm 
  • Core diameter - 76mm
Tigre box sealers are versatile, reliable and offer high levels of accuracy. The box sealing machines also offer simplicity of use and hygienic operation.

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