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Panda and Panda HS wrapping machines from Panda Packaging

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Panda Packaging  distributes various types of wrapping machines that include Panda 1000 and Panda 2000 models manufactured by Record Company. Panda 1000 wrapping machine is available in two advanced versions including Panda and Panda HS. Panda version of wrapping machine can be used for packaging different products and can be installed with ease. Panda HS comprises of double crimp jaws and specifically designed for high speed packaging products.

Panda Packaging also supplies diverse range of accessories that include automatic feeder, automatic film splicer, cardboard cutter feeder and flow feed system. Panda 2000 wrapping machine supplied by Panda Packaging has been specifically designed to interface with flowfeed smart belt system. This wrapping machine has the unique capability of accumulating the products without pressure.

Panda 2000 wrapping machine from Panda Packaging is available in three advanced versions that include Panda 2000, Panda 2000 HS and Panda 2000 BIC. Panda 2000 version of wrapping machine is a versatile heavy duty machine which can adapt easily to various formats. Panda 2000 HS from Panda Packaging comprises of double jaws and suited for environments that require continuous high speed production like auxiliary feeding systems and automatic loaders.

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