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Pliers with full-warranty and stand out colours

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article image Brightly coloured pliers in Palmera’s full warranty range.

PALMERA Professional Hand Tools has released a range of pliers to lead a series of releases in its fully-warranted range of hand tools.

The plier range includes over a hundred different combination pliers, cutting pliers, pincers, multi-grips and specialty pliers in stand-out colours for easy identification.

The grips are comfortable even under extreme hand pressure. This and the high mechanical advantage designed into these tools means the user can repeatedly apply great force to the work piece via the hardened jaws and cutting edges without muscle fatigue.

Forged of first-run European steels using the latest-generation forges, Palmera pliers are built to last. Palmera offers a virtual lifetime replacement guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship, provided the tools are not misused.

Cutting pliers in the range include electrical cable cutters, end cutting and diagonal cutting pliers, as well as diagonal 45° and 90° cutters for plastics.

In addition to conventional combination pliers, lineman's and electrician's combination pliers are available.

Extra-long versions of the combination pliers can also be supplied.

The range includes long round, long flat, long straight-jawed, long bent-jawed, duckbill and extra-long snipe-nosed pliers.

There are also external and internal straight jawed, bent jawed and circlip pliers.

Also included are wire strippers, wire twisters, pincers, water pump pliers and electrical cable cutters.

Palmera claims the list is so comprehensive that a plier is available for every application.

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